Storage Warehouse & Management

We can receive, handle, store and deliver to and from our 8 depots, with complete inventory systems so you know all your assets are controlled from start to finish.
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Storage Management 

At Muztrans we understand how important it is to offer the whole logistical package. Need goods to be received, handled, stored and delivered? We can manage all of this or any part of it. 

We have cranage and forklifts at all our depots, so you can have your goods delivered to us and we’ll do the rest.

Our full-service storage management services include:

  • Internal and external storage 
  • 24-hour security and CCTV
  • Long- and short-term contracts
  • Reliable and friendly customer service and digital stock control
  • Transhipment
  • Product handling 
  • Freight forwarding 
  • Container devanning 

We offer a complete inventory control system, with all stock labelled where required and  management reports on all stock levels. This transparency lets you see your assets are controlled from receipt to the delivery point.

 “Full project transport and logistics package.”

“Permasteelisa continue to use the managed storage facility that has proved to be both fully secure and efficiently run. Muztrans can further accommodate the running of large areas of storage with the management of material logs and call off for large or small project work.”
Service FAQ'S

Frequently asked questions

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With Extensive experience in Consolidation transport and logistics. We can help you and your clients with all your needs, including a highly commutative service for all your logistical requirements - just ask, and our great team will do our best to help!

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Do you have insurance?

Yes, we do. All the goods we carry are covered under the RHA Conditions of Carriage 2024 and RHA Conditions of Storage 2021, and are insured against loss or damage. You can read more about our insurance here.

What are your prices?

We base all our prices on our rate card to make sure everything is priced fairly. However, every job is different and the cost will depend on several factors, including weight, size, destination, timescales and more. Once we understand more about your specific needs, we’ll be able to quote you a price.

What information do you need from me?

Fill in our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to take all the information we need. It includes things like size, contents, final destination, storage requirements. We’ll only ask for the information we need to give you a price.

Do you charge a fuel surcharge?

No. The price we quote is inclusive of fuel and any local taxes, such as ULEZ. There’ll be no nasty surprises or hidden extras unless something unforeseen happens, in which case we’ll keep you informed.